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Cheney: City of Destiny, Aug. 17

Some quick notes before I begin looking for a CFL team who'll sign Koren Robinson:

        The MVP of Jerry Rice figurines. (
  • Slowly but surely, the Seahawks who have been recuperating from offseason surgeries are returning to the squad. Only Darrell Jackson and Marcus Tubbs are left, and there are hopeful whispers they'll be back next week. Tuesday, specifically.
  • In's transcription of remarks from Mike Holmgren yesterday, Coach expressed hope that Pork Chop Womack and D.J. Hackett could be back tomorrow. He also discusses Robinson's travails in an unusual moment of candor:
    Holmgren, as much as any coach ever has (and at times to the detriment of his team) did all he could to help a player who seems more and more like a lost soul... "I don't know many of the details, but I will say what I always said about him. He is a likeable guy, I like him a lot," Holmgren said. "It saddens me when something like this happens. I pray for him, that he gets his life in order before something real bad happens. I have told you this before, when he was with us, I tried to help. I felt I kind of failed the kid somehow, but he's got to get a grip on this clearly, before something bad happens."
  • From the Seattle Times: Jerry Rice stopped by camp (scroll down) to give Steve Largent his number back. Just joking. He was actually there to close escrow on his new dancing school in Spokane. Again, that's a joke. We're trying out new avenues of humor here on Field Gulls. Let us know what you think. Your feedback is important.

    But Siriusly, folks (I crack myself up), Rice was in town to talk with Coach Holmgren for his new Sirius Radio gig ( -- of which Mr. Rice said last spring, "SIRIUS is the Super Bowl Champion of satellite radio companies."

    There are only two satellite radio companies worth discussing in America so far. Sirius is the one with less subscribers. Many, however, feel that the officiating ruined the game.