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Stevens Reinjures Knee; MRI Results Pending; Blogger Makes Gratuitous "Snakes on a Plane" Reference

Enough is enough!

I have had it with these muthaf****** injuries on this muthaf****** team!

TE Jerramy Stevens reinjured his surgically repaired left knee in Thursday's morning practice. What's the damage, FOX Sports?

Coach Mike Holmgren said Stevens fell on the knee during a team drill. Stevens walked off the field, was examined by trainers and was taken to the locker room in on a cart. He was expected to have an MRI later Thursday. "It was the same knee he had surgery on, so we're a little apprehensive," Holmgren said of Stevens' knee operation on April 25.

There's no practice on Thursday afternoon, as the team will be heading to a local theater for a private screening of the new Mark Wahlberg football flick Invincible. Except Stevens of course.

Will update when the MRI results are released.

Update [2006-8-17 19:30:15 by Shrug]: For those of us currently gripping our armrests, Sando raises a good point in the comments to his story on Seahawks Insider: "Yes, he was carted off the field and into the locker room. But the sense was not that this was one of those grotesque injuries that ends a season."

Update [2006-8-17 22:54:18 by Shrug]: Just heard that the Seahawks are having a private team meeting at 8:30pm tonight. I'd be surprised if we didn't hear some scuttlebutt around then or shortly afterward.