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Stevens Has Torn Meniscus - Surgery Friday; Out At Least 6 Weeks

   This is gonna hurt you more than it hurts me.
(AP Photo)

It could have been worse: Sando reports TE Jerramy Stevens has a torn meniscus in his left knee, and will have surgery in Seattle tomorrow.

Initial reports have Stevens out for 6 weeks. According to that timetable, he'd be back for either the Oct. 1 game at Chicago, or the Oct. 15 game at St. Louis. (The Seahawks have a bye the weekend of Oct. 8.) My gut tells me a return against the Rams would be more prudent, and more likely.

Darrell Jackson's 2005 injury was also a meniscal tear, and caused him to miss 9 games in recuperation.

The meniscus is a cartilage in the knee that sort of functions as the knee's shock absorber and weight distribution manager. If it gets torn, you can either have surgery to repair the tear, or remove torn portions of the meniscus. No word on which surgery Stevens will get.

So, you can probably safely assume Itula Mili will be starting for at least the first three regular season games. Good thing Mili's had a decent camp, all things considered.

Here are more fun facts about meniscal tears. Keep quiet or everyone'll want one.