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Cheney: City of Destiny, Aug. 19

Very quick pulse-taking on the eve of another preseason game I'll probably get unreasonably worked up over:

    Hamdan having fun in "NFL Europe"

  • Gibran Hamdan will get more work behind center during Sunday's game against the Colts, as Seahawk fans will finally get a look at how he performs in a real game situation. The closest the QB has come to a real game was earlier this year, when he was "Offensive MVP" in "NFL Europe."
  • Sando identifies the players who won't be making the trip to Indianapolis tomorrow: WR Skyler Fulton, WR D.J. Hackett, C Robbie Tobeck, DE Joe Tafoya, LG Floyd Womack, WR Darrell Jackson, TE Jerramy Stevens, DT Marcus Tubbs, DT Russell Davis, DE Grant Wistrom and DT Rocky Bernard. Lofa Tatupu will probably sit out the game to rest his groin.
  • As far as the Colts are concerned, their most compelling preseason drama is who'll replace the departed Edgerrin James - Dominic Rhodes or Joseph Addai. You can check out Big Blue Shoe's thoughts on the Colts at the SB Nation's most excellent Stampede Blue blog.
  • Yes, we'll have an open thread for the preseason game on Sunday at 5pm Pacific, fruitless as that may be.
    Open the pod bay door, Cards.

  • This has nothing to do with anything, but I just have to say I'm tripped out over the Arizona Cardinals' new stadium. It's a tubular European hallucination. It's the biggest Pez dispenser in the world. Check it out: pick "3D Animation" on that link up there.

This'll most likely be the last you hear of me until game time tomorrow unless something remarkable happens, like the new Cardinals stadium turning into the Terminator and taking out half of Phoenix.