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Cheney: City of Destiny, Aug. 2

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    The director's cut is much, much better
I'm being crushed by deadlines the next couple of days, so today's training camp report will be a sprint, not a marathon. No more than 10,000 words, I promise.
  • Wednesday's practice had the defense laying waste to the offense, particularly Lofa Tatupu, according to Sando. He also reports that RB Josh Scobey wasn't at practice, no reason given. Sando says it wouldn't be surprising to see Scobey, an underperforming kickoff return specialist in '05, become the subject of a roster move. But no official words yet.
  • The buzz over TE Mike Gomez and his clever receiving continues, even as Itula Mili returns from a day off. With the two having generally strong camps so far, the tight end position might emerge from preseason with a surprising depth.
  • I feel we've under-reported on new acquisition Julian Peterson, especially since Gregg Bell of the AP suggests the former 49er might be "the most dynamic defender they have had... ever." Color me tantalized.
  • Incidentally, the full-length DVD recap of the '05 Seahawks was released yesterday. If only the "special features" on the DVD included an alternate ending.