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Seattle 30, Indianapolis 17

Some very quick items (well, as quick as I can make 'em, which isn't that quick) before I head into what just turned out to be a very busy week in my other business concerns. I'll try to update you during the week from the Caymans, if I can get Trump to stop borrowing my laptop. You'd think he could afford his own. You really would.

Obviously this was a better evening for us than the last game against the Cowboys, much of which I didn't see. A few jitters on the offensive line, and a general sense of malaise on the D, for the first quarter anyway. But a lot of causes of concern from last week's somewhat pallid display were rectified.

Leonard Weaver was my personal pick for the game ball, and this was even before he scored his second touchdown, although I thought it was generous of him to try and give Chris Spencer the credit for that one. I was a little taken aback by the power he showed going through the middle, and his Bettis tribute near the goal line on his first TD. But he also took off for some big gains - again, down the middle, as I recall - that were, if I can say so, downright inspiring.

I'd been seeing a lot of preseason "position grades" from all those other websites - you know, the ones with cable networks and newspaper mastheads attached to 'em - and kind of thought everyone was giving the Seahawks an "A" for their running game strictly on the basis of Shaun Alexander. Weaver might have proven there's a lot more depth on the cleats than I thought. After Mo Morris's strong week last week - and even with a strong burse from Mack Strong tonight - it's springtime in my heart over the running game.

Matt Hasselbeck really nailed the particulars of the short passing game that's key in the West Coast. I couldn't tell whether his quick release from the pocket was by design or by necessity sprung from the Colts' pressure; either would testify to his rapid maturity. Bobby Engram benefitted from his efforts quite well. The edges of the line seemed to be a little wobbly - Shoe from Stampede Blue noted that Walter Jones was having a shaky evening with his assignment - but both Matt and Seneca Wallace showed that they're intimately familiar and comfy with this scheme.

Even the return units had a nice night. No, wait, this'll really blow your mind: Josh Scobey had a great night, with a huge return that put the Seahawks inside Colt territory. Peter Warrick had a great punt return himself.

Ryan Plackemeier's the punter. That's just it. Bloodfoot '06 is over. This dude's hangtime and airlift is insane, and gave the Seahawks' special teams more than enough time to cover. Gabe Lindstrom had a chance in this game too, but a tentative kick gave way to a big Colts return. So far, Plackemeier has shown all the signs of a master of his craft. Which, let's face it, punters need to hear for their ongoing well-being.

Defensively, I sensed trepidation in some points, especially from Julian Peterson in the beginning. But Peterson had his breakthrough moment as a Seahawk by forcing Colts QB Jim Sorgi into a bad pass that landed in the arms of Mike Green, who returned it for a very welcome defensive touchdown in the second quarter. The defense seemed to pick up the spark and more or less kept the game at a distance from the Colts for the rest of the night.

For what it's worth, the Colts looked pretty great, despite the loss. This is to be completely expected. I think Dominic Rhodes might've won the starting job at running back; he's very capable of multiple explosions per game. Peyton was his usual, madly accurate Peyton self. The Colts defense is aggresive, quick and deceptive. And third string QB Shaun King - he of the 2000 Bucs - took the assignment of replacing an injured Sorgi for longer than expected pretty well in stride.

That's the recap. I regret there weren't more jokes in this recap, but I have to save my jokes for the music blogs tomorrow. You'll understand. See you.

[editor's note, by Shrug] A correction: The Post-Intelligencer's box score for the game did, in fact, credit Chris Spencer with the touchdown in the 4th quarter after Weaver fumbled the ball in the end zone. The earliest box scores I came across on the web after the game gave TD credit to Weaver. So congratulations to Chris for being Refrigerator Perry for a day.