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Cheney: City of Destiny, Aug. 22

Can I just say I'm looking forward to retiring this blog series title in a couple of days? I'm sure Tacoma would love to have their tag line back.

    Bobby E.
? MSN/Fox Sports

  • Clare Farnsworth discusses the bouncing role of Bobby Engram, who thus far is the leading receiver in the preseason. Scott M. Johnson of the Everett Herald is slightly more reserved, and also discusses D.D. Lewis' reduced role in the defense.

    Given his clutch catches so far, I'm feeling that it's becoming as important for Engram to remain healthy as much as Jackson and Burleson.

  • Programming note: The NFL Network will broadcast their Seahawks edition of Inside Training Camp this afternoon, as the network visits this morning's training camp in Cheney. I'm not sure what time. According to NFL Network, it'll be 5pm Pacific, but according to Sando, it's 3pm. You might have to skip Oprah this afternoon.
  • Sando's article for the NewsTrib discusses Seattle's strategy for preseason games: Wing it.
  • Following up on Madden mania, ESPN's Page 2 breaks down the Top 10 player ratings for each position in the game. Here are your Seattle Seahawks who make the Top 10's in their positions with their new fresh lemony metrics -- the highest a player can score is 99:
    Hasselbeck QB 93 (5th)
    Alexander HB 98 (1st)
    Jones LT 99 (1st among all OL's)
    Peterson LB 96 (T-3rd) lists all the ratings without the league-wide ranking, though I'm sure you can find that easily. Here are the Top 11, excepting the above:

    Strong FB 97*
    D. Jackson WR 90
    Trufant CB 90
    Wistrom DE 89
    Tobeck C 88
    Boulware SS 88
    Tatupu LB 88
    Burleson WR 87
    Ashworth RG 86
    Stevens TE 86
    Gray RG 86
    (*ESPN did not provide a list of the top 10 fullbacks.)

    Gee, I wish my set of skills could be reinterpreted into a two-digit number. It'd save so much time if I could just tell potential employers I'm a 92.

  • A last-minute update from this morning's practice from John McGrath via Sando: Engram's out on personal business; Jackson's still out; so is Tubbs; Tatupu's back.
  • Finally, KING-5 reports that Koren Robinson is coming back to Kirkland to face charges of violating the terms of his probation.

    Just thought I'd let you know in case you were planning a rally on the courthouse steps. I will not attend. I got a thing.