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Jackson, Tubbs Probably Won't Practice in Cheney, City of Destiny

Farnsworth says Darrell Jackson's return is on hold. Expected to be training in Cheney this week, Jackson's being careful about his return to the field. The last time he so much as tied his shoe on the turf was in Detroit last February.

"I'm not frustrated," Holmgren said. "I've been following it so close, and Darrell and I have talked so much about this. He felt, in his own mind, that he could be ready at a certain time, and it's pretty close to the time he's going to be ready."

Saith Sando:

Jackson met in recent days with Dr. John Uribe, his surgeon, and they decided Jackson should take some more time before returning. Jackson's knee wasn't the issue so much as the corresponding muscle mass in the thigh (Holmgren alluded to this last week). Once that muscle regains its proper proportion, I suspect we'll see Jackson back on the field.

Especially given his very positive performance against the Colts, it wouldn't be a surprise to see Bobby Engram as the #1 or #2 receiver in the season opener against the Lions.

Farnsworth adds that DT Marcus Tubbs will also be proceeding cautiously with his return from his injury.