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Cheney: City of Destiny, Screen Door Hit Edition

Training camp in Cheney should be done just... about... now. Will-be and would-be Seahawks are coming back to Seattle, from which they'll fly to San Diego for Saturday's exhibition game against the Chargers.

John McGrath of the News-Trib says fringe DT Kevin Hobbs expects to hear news of the first cuts either Sunday or Monday. Teams must have their rosters cut to 75 players by next Tuesday.

Final cuts to 53 are due on Sept. 2. McGrath estimates there are around 45 players who are almost guaranteed to be Seahawks on opening day, which would imply there are about 8 players currently on the bubble that will survive the final paring down.

Aside from Jerramy Stevens' knee and the longer-than-expected rehab of Darrell Jackson, the Seahawks break camp on a general upswing of good news on the injury front. Since the major players on defense are all coming back, you're now free to start salivating about this year's potential defense. I'm wearing a bib myself.

Oh! One more, kind of fun, thing. My friend Matt claims he had an audience with ESPN's John Clayton, who was in Seattle yesterday. He texted me about it. I promptly left a frantic voice mail on his service: "Dude! Pimp the Gulls! Pimp the Gulls!" That phrase has never been uttered before in the history of verbal communication.

Matt (who also met Paris Hilton's father once and had to fight his urge to ask him if he'd seen any good videos lately) claims that he did, indeed, drop the name of "Field Gulls" to Mr. Clayton, with an encouragement to "check it out."

I figure the chances of that are absolute nil, but just in case, let's try to look all smart and stuff for the next couple of days. If you could use "logarithm" or "Nietzsche" in a sentence, that'd be great.

(Sniff, sniff) I knew I could count on you guys.