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Jerry Rice Re-Signs with 49ers!!!!

...for about 10 minutes. Then he retires, officially as a 49er. (Too bad -- for those 10 minutes he was still their only real deep receiving threat this year, ha ha ha.)

    Dancing with the ball.

Which is as it should be. Jerry was a Seahawk in 2004, after spending three years with the Oakl-- the Rai-- the R-r-r-r-- sorry, just can't bring myself to say it. But 16 of his 20 seasons were with San Francisco as part of one of NFL's few true, maybe last, dynasties.

As you might know I grew up a Niner fan in Sacramento in the 80's, and lived in San Francisco during their third and fourth Super Bowl runs. So Jerry provided me with more than my fair share of happiness during that time, and I'm glad to see him going out into the netherland of reality TV wearing the gold and red.

Update [2006-8-24 17:34:23 by Shrug]: Extra extra!!! Rice has un-retired at the last possible minute!!!

Just kidding. But you really should read phildopip's diary tribute to the talented Mr. Rice.