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Game Day Open Thread: Preseason Game 3 - Seahawks at Chargers


at San Diego

Saturday, August 26, 7:05pm or 8:00pm*, PT
Qualcomm Stadium
TV: KING-5 (Seattle)
Fox Sports Net West 2
(West Coast, except San Diego)

In the very remote chance you're in San Diego, this game is blacked out, but Channel 8 will run a tape-delay at 10:30pm, in which case you could have a little Cliffs Notes experiment with this blog and the TV. Put on protective headgear if you do that.

I'll be checking in for my shift just before game time. *Which reminds me: ESPN and the Seattle Times have the game starting at 8pm, but says kickoff is at 7:05pm. Which is kind of nasty. Of all the trick defensive schemes in the book, the ole "Have the Visitors Show Up One Hour After Kickoff" play is by far the most unethical.

I'll see you at 8, in other words.