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San Diego 31, Seattle 20

A quick recap of the ssssss-sloppy preseason loss to the Chargers. Coming later at night than usual, after a day in which I didn't feel particularly well, I'm not going to attempt to make this account any more flowery than a stock report.

Game ball, I'm afraid, goes to Charger 3rd-string running back Ray Perkins, who ate up some serious yardage: 20 carries, 83 yards, and a particularly evasive touchdown run in the fourth. That 12 yard run was his longest of the night, but Perkins had great instincts pounding the interiors for a quite a few unexpected 8-to-11 yard gains.

The Chargers had 171 yards on the ground -- and that's with LaDanian Tomlinson not playing at all. That's some good reserve running.

Seahawk standouts include Lofa Tatupu, who had 8 tackles and 1 assist, and seemed to be at least peripherally involved in a majority of the Seahawks' defensive plays in the first half. His instincts this preseason have been golden. Nate Burleson had five catches for 80 yards, and as expected ran great routes and made quick adjustments mid-stride.

Seahawks play of the night -- Even though it was more a botched play than expert execution, I'm going with Rocky Bernard recovering the Philip Rivers fumble in the end zone -- 12 seconds into the game -- just because of the many inherent comic angles within the play. It just beats out Shaunard Harts' interception of a pass that bounced out of Ryan Krause's hand. Two very Keystone Kop moments for the Chargers. It was that kind of game.

The big concern of the night has to be the status of TE Itula Mili, who went out after making 3 catches in the first quarter with a sprained left knee. Although backup Will Heller subsequently made a couple of decent catches -- including the longest Seahawk reception of the night, 26 yards -- you've got to think Ruskell will be checking waiver wires from now until Sept. 10.

Pass protection was also a problem, especially with Seneca Wallace. The Charger defenders were running all over the Seahawks' backfield late in the game, flushing him out of the pocket almost continually in the third. Our starting offense clicked on all cylinders in the first quarter, but subsequently Hasselbeck appeared to have coordination or communication problems with the backfield before he left the game.

A very, very kooky game. The quintessence of kook.

The Raiders are next on Thursday at Qwest Field. I'll actually be at the game to check out my seats for the season. So this was, more or less, my last preseason open game thread running commentary. From here on out, they count. Not sure what they count towards. But count they do.