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The First Cut Is the Deepest -- TE Leonard Stephens Signed

The Seahawks have made their first roster cuts. The following gentlemen receive a home version of the game (from Sando):

P Gabe Lindstrom
QB Gibran Hamdan
WR Taco Wallace
WR Tony Brown
WR Keenan Howry
CB Reggie Austin
CB Lance Frazier
DB Brandon Haw
RB Ran Carthon
SS Shaunard Harts
TE Keith Willis
LB Evan Benjamin
OL Taylor Schmidt
OL Jeff Bolton
DT Alex Guerrero
None of these is a huge surprise, except Gibran Hamdan's cut. Particularly given David Greene's panicked performance behind center on Sunday night, I assumed the third-quarterback competition would stretch out another week. In my personal view the battle between Hamdan and Greene was far from over, and Hamdan had the edge. But I'm not general manager. Nobody trusts me with the gig after I ran the Houston Oilers into the ground.

The Seahawks made 15 cuts rather than the minimum 14, in order to sign free agent TE Leonard Stephens. I'm afraid you won't be doing cartwheels over this one. Stephens hasn't played in an NFL game since 2002, when he made 5 appearances with the Redskins. The Buccaneers signed Stephens earlier this month, and although he impressed coaches with his quickness, he didn't survive the first Tampa Bay cuts. He has also spent some time in "NFL Europe," though he was hampered by injuries then too.

The good news: Stephens has a career average of 13 yards per reception. The bad news: That's because he's had one career reception for 13 yards.

But you never know. At least we found a TE whose last name is a near homonym of Jerramy Stevens. Steve Raible won't have to worry about tripping up on the name.

Have at it, my little pundits.