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Mili Might Be Back for Opener -- Mike Green, Not So Much

Coach Holmgren (audio from the News-Trib) confirmed that Itula Mili's sprained knee doesn't look as serious as it could have been, and the tight end might -- might -- be back in time to play the season opener in Detroit.

Unfortunately the news about injured safety Mike Green is not so hummable: His diagnosis is a Lisfranc fracture, which severely twists up the mid-foot area. In all likelihood Green's done for the season. According to Sando, a Lisfranc fracture is a "career-threatening injury, or at least a career-diminishing injury. Chad Brown was never the same after this injury."

Just to up the anxiety meter for fun, Walter Jones sustained a bruised shoulder against the Chargers, and will sit out the final exhibition game against Oakland. If this were a regular season game, however, Jones would definitely be playing. He too will be back for the season opener.

It's hard out here for a gimp.