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Cheney: City of Destiny, Aug. 3

  • Initial reports on D.J. Hackett's hamstring injury, directly from Holmgren's mouth, is that it's a "Grade 1" injury: a pull, not a tear. Hackett's down time should be 2-3 weeks.
  • NFL referees are visiting Cheney today. No, they didn't lose a bet; they're coming by to explain some of the rule changes to Seahawks players, around 4pm this afternoon.

    Holmgren, when asked if the officiating in Super Bowl XL turns him into Lou Ferrigno:

    You know, we lost the game. We're gonna try like crazy to get back there this year, and make up for that.
    So there. Holmgren also mentioned that the issue of offensive holding will be particularly covered by the refs this afternoon. As far as injuries are concerned, Coach said Darrel Jackson's "right on schedule," Jerramy Stevens "should be able to practice next week," Grant Winstrom "a week later." Sando's audio's here.

    Amusing side note: The refs will talk to reporters this afternoon. There will be Q-and-A. Now, now, guys, we'll have no Referee Pitman shenanigans this afternoon.

  • Holmgren had a "No wire hangers!" moment with the offense on Wednesday, the Herald reports.
  • The Times profiles, at long last, hopeful TE and training camp star Mike Gomez. The News-Trib also features a very interesting piece on QB Gibran Hamdan, an American with Palenstinian and Pakistani parentage, whose family was severely impacted by Iraq's invasion of Kuwait in 1990.