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Scout.Com's Best Available Free Agents List has helpfully provided a list of the best available free agents in the NFL (subscription).

I'm way ahead of you:

  • Tight Ends: Lamont Hall, Marcellus Rivers, Cam Cleeland, Shad Meier, Matt Kranchick, Chad Lewis, Brian Kozlowski, Zeron Flemister, Sean Berton, Jed Weaver.
  • Safeties: Lance Schulters, Brent Alexander, Kim Herring, Jerome Woods, Reggie Tongue, Keion Carpenter Ronnie Heard, Earl Little, Jerry Wilson, Ifeanyi Ohalete, Bracy Walker, John Howell, Antuan Edwards, Vernon Fox.
  • Just for the heck of it, QB's: Tommy Maddox, Vinny Testaverde, Tony Banks, Shane Matthews, Jesse Palmer, Rob Johnson, Jeff Blake, Rohan Davey, Ty Detmer, Craig Krenzel, Travis Brown, Josh Harris, Rod Rutherford, Kliff Kingsbury.