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Bein' Greene

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Winding up our slow-news-day series on backup quarterbacks, Sando has a nice conversation with the Seahawks' newly reconfirmed third-string QB David Greene (mp3).

You know, after listening to this guy talk, I kinda like David Greene. On a personal level, that is. He's searching, thoughtful, and articulate, and pretty philosophical about his role with the Seahawks. For example, he said this about learning the gameplan:

You're not necessarily getting physical -- you've got to make it happen. That's just situational. You gotta study extra hard. It's not just memorizing. You have to go through the mental process. So you have to do more studying 'cause you're not actually out there running plays, you don't have as strong a foundation as Matt does.

Well, maybe it's the country gentleman accent Greene has that make me like that quote. It's a really killer Southern accent. It's like Jim Nabors -- but not Gomer Pyle. It's a pre-Pyle, seminal Jim Nabors accent. It's Nabors before he got sucked into the Mayberry RFD corporate sausage grinder. It's when Nabors still meant something, man.

I am old.