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Peter King's Best-Case Scenario Handbook

What I like most about the Sports Illustrated website's NFL features is that they have nice, big colorful graphics, charts that rival the USA Today pictorials of the 90's in their appearance and font selection.

In fact, I love Sports Illustrated's embrace of the ginormous font. Look at their baseball power rankings. Note how large the numbers on the left hand side are, with the bold, hard-hitting Verdana font. Such largeness, by necessity, eliminates any doubt as to where a team places on the Power Ranking chart. You simply cannot confuse alphanumerics that large. If you do, the problem is most likely your own. Not Sports Illustrated's. They and their Font Technicians have given their all.

I mention this great fondness for Sports Illustrated's various design features because I think their best case scenarios for all 32 NFL teams, written by Peter King, contains a lot of very stirring graphic elements.

The list itself is a flight of fancy: What if your favorite team got all the breaks this season? What if absolutely everything that could go right did go right? What is the absolute sky-limit best record your team could accomplish?

For example, let's take, I don't know, say, the Seahawks. King figures the best record they can get this year is 13-3. (That's two games better than my prediction of 11-5, me being a Seattle sports fan who expects disappointment in pre-emptive self-defense.)

This list exhibits the kind of whimsical trajectory in which no team -- even the 49ers -- finishes with a record less than 8-8. It's a fun read.

Really, I can't say enough about Verdana. What understated, quietly confident properies that font harbors. Kicks Trebuchet's ass any day of the week.