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Cheney: City of Destiny, Aug. 4

I was up very late last night -- usual plotting for world domination and stuff, tyranny never sleeps -- so please forgive me for the late start to today's news. However, so far it's been a slow news day, so I'll be goin' fishin' after the first item:

  • DL Darrell Wright was cut, Sando says. He also reports that Friday morning's practice was cut short by an irritable Coach Holmgren. It's speculated he was unhappy with the coaching staff. We have no further information.
  • The New York Times has a surprisingly moving profile of CB Andre Dyson, who was a Seahawk last year, and is now a Jet.
  • What kind of homer am I if I keep forgetting to mention Warren Moon's induction into the Hall of Fame this weekend?

    Jon Robinson of profiles the former Seahawk quarterback and present Seahawk TV personality. And, obviously, big time congratulations to the Moon Man.

  • Our most favoritest bestest coolest people ever in the history of the whole wide world, NFL referees, are getting new uniforms this season:
    Gone are the traditional vertical black-and-white stripes that have been a staple of the league seemingly since its inception and that live on in Foot Locker stores and DJ booths around the country. In their place is a flashier look that features wide white stripes and thin black stripes that flare around the shoulders and upper arms.
    "A flashier look." That's exactly what the refs need: more zazz. Here's a picture of a couple of referees shaking their little tushes on the catwalk:
    Credit: Chuck Burton, AP
    Now that's sassy! Yow! Unsportsmanlike conduct for bein' too sexy!