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Hutch: "You Never Called Me"

Are you kidding me?

FOX Sports blogger John Czarnecki reports that Steve Hutchinson harbors resentment against Seahawks management for not being more aggressive to keep him before the 2005 season started.

I don't know the whole context of the quotes, but this is Hutchinson's line of complaint. Tell me what's wrong with this picture.

"I could never understand what their management was thinking. They told me after the 2004 season that they planned to get working on my contract and then never contacted Tom Condon (his agent) until last summer. We told them then that I didn't want to deal with any contract stuff during the season. It never got done, then, either... They kept telling how important I was and how good I was and I thought I took care on my side...I worked hard, played hurt and tried to be a positive influence in the locker room..."

Hutchinson believes that the competitive nature of Seattle's lead negotiator, Mike Reinfeldt, and Condon got the best of them. "They played against each other in the old days and I really think Rino didn't want to get beat by Tom. Tom is always getting great deals for his guys and I don't think Rino wanted to be the next guy getting beat."

Say, Hutch, can you recommend a good restaurant over there in Area 51?

Sando's got some good points about the Hutchinson fiasco: The Seahawks probably underestimated his leverage because of his particular position, and didn't think anyone would match their offer. Minnesota did. Sure, the way they did, with some ticky-tack poison pill clauses, probably violates the spirit of good faith competition and bargaining -- but it's legal. And the Seahawks retaliated.

What bothers me is that Hutchinson seems to imply that he was undervalued, that all the hosannahs from management were just small talk. As I remember the 2005 season playing out, Hutchinson and Jones got a lot of love from the team, fans and press -- moreso than any other offensive linemen I can recall, from any team.

If they tried to get the deal done in "summer of 2005," why didn't he let his management sort out the contract in training camp? Because of his "policy" to not let it interfere with his "season"? That doesn't seem reasonable to me. If it gets done in the summer, well before Opening Day, then it's off his mind and back, and he can concentrate on the season if he wants to. You're telling me a July phone call, or even an August phone call, is past your personal deadline? "Sorry, can't talk now, gotta take my first Stairmaster of the preseason -- it's the most important one."

And his conspiracy theory about Reinfeldt holding an old grudge against Condon -- well, that's just kooky. It gets more bizarre when you realize that Condon currently represents Kelly Jennings and Chris Spencer. Where does Jay Mohr figure in all of this?

I'm shaking my head. Consider head shaken. Hutch is a great player, will always be a great player, but he really shouldn't be reading the written works of Terrell Owens for his media relations strategy.