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Cheney: City of Destiny, Aug. 7

Some basic hunting and gathering for training camp news and articles for you huddling masses:

  • DB Jordan Babineaux is back in camp. Holmgren says he'll be starting out at corner for the time being.

    Some other highlights from the News-Trib's audio of the Holmgren Q&A:

    On the banged-up WR corps: "Some of the injured fellows are known quantities to us, they come in and we know what they can do, so they're roster positions, they just gotta get ready to play. The competition remains the same. What it has allowed us and the player to do is get a lot more looks, and if we didn't know enough about a player, we're learning a lot about him now."

    On Nate Burleson's progress: "I think we know who Nate is and what he can do. I don't think there's ever been a question about that. But (practice with more WR's out) is good for him because he's been able to play a couple of positions, he's having a little more reps than he would have had before, and that's all good for him."

    On the 3rd-string QB competition between Hamdan and Greene: "I don't want to minimize the position -- you need one -- they don't get a lot of reps so my message to them is "make them count." There's not a lot to choose between the two of them right now. And Travis (Lulay) is getting whatever time he gets. They'll play in the preseason games and that'll be a big test for them."

  • More than 10,000 fans watched the Seahawks' scrimmage on Saturday, according to KING.

    At first that large number of fans struck me as odd, but then I caught the first few moments of the Green Bay Packers' scrimmage on the NFL Network, which was hilarious.

    The first hilarious thing was, well, it was broadcast on the NFL Network. And the Packer faithful, natch, were more pumped up than the crowds at most Houston Texans regular season games. They had an on-field announcer, big dramatic entrances, squealing, the whole bit.

    I'll bet they even had a sausage race. Well, a sausage scrimmage.

  • And I got a good look at the new referee uniforms (see below) during the Hall of Fame Game Sunday night.

    Here's a wider shot that better displays the "flare" at the top of the ref's jerseys:

    ...which brought to mind the old United Artists/Transamerica logo from the 70's:

    Why do I notice such things? Because I am a sad and lonely man with a Google Image search.