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Hutchgate: And Another Thing! reports on the Steve Hutchinson snark-fest with Seahawks negotiators, as FG discusses below. For those who don't subscribe to, the report pretty much says the same things as the other article, with two additional illuminations:

The Seahawks were a team in transition after the 2004 season. Team president Bob Whitsitt was fired and replaced by current head man Tim Ruskell. Seattle had 16 free agents to sign or cast aside, including QB Matt Hasselbeck, LT Walter Jones, RB Shaun Alexander and CB Ken Lucas. All but Lucas of those four were retained. After the 2005 season, the uncertainty surrounding the extension of the Collective Bargaining Agreement affected the ability of teams to strike deals with their marquee players.

Still, there's no way to look at the result and conclude that Seattle didn't made a rather large mistake...

Discuss. Or, you know, not.