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Cheney: City of Destiny, Aug. 8 (PM Edition)

Quick takes to close out the day:

  • The AP profiles Mack Strong in appropriately glowing terms.
  • Sando's audio of Shaun Alexander reveals the man's rosy expectations about the new, improved defense. Would have culled quotes from it, but I didn't get through the whole thing. I thought I'd leave you with some surprises.
  • Placekicker Ryan Killeen has been released. That means Josh Brown's chances of nailing down the starting job are better than ever!

    (cue crickets)

    Tough crowd. Anyway, the Seahawks signed WR Justin Surrency, from your Northern Iowa Panthers, to take his roster spot.

  • Dallas WR Terrell Owens will not be playing in this Saturday's exhibition game against the Seahawks. And I don't think he'll be doing a signing at Elliott Bay Book Company, either.
  • Speaking of: We will be having an "Game Day Open Thread" for the preseason games, pointless as it may be. We start with Dallas on Saturday. I'll have it up maybe an hour or two before kickoff.

    Not only will I not be at this particular game, but it stands to be the only Seahawk game I won't be watching this year. Prior business-related engagement. I suppose if you gotta miss one game all year, it's this one. But please feel free to make comments in the game thread to preserve our Band of Brothers type community here. (Mental note: Find more "Sisters".)

  • Finally, from our Heartwarming Human Interest Story Department, an amusing snippet from KOMO about a Washington state judge who was disciplined for... well, this:
    Pierce County Superior Court Judge Beverly Grant's discipline stems from a Feb. 3 hearing in which she sentenced Steve Keo Teang to 13? years for manslaughter in the 2005 shooting death of Tino Patricelli, 28.

    Before the proceedings, Grant asked about 100 people in court to say "Go Seahawks" before taking their seats. Dissatisfied with the low volume of the response, she repeated the request.

    The Seahawks played in the Super Bowl that weekend. Patricelli's stepmother said she was offended in part because the game fell on the anniversary of her stepson's death.

    Grant, who was appointed to the bench in 2003, apologized the following Monday. She eventually filed the formal conduct complaint against herself.

    "Although my intentions were to defuse the courtroom situation, I realize now the inappropriateness of my opening comments," Grant told the commission.

    Man... talk about your No Fun League!

    (cue crickets)