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ESPN's Power Rankings! Shafted Again! This is an Outrage!

Man, I'm sick of the East Coast bias! I'm sick of the Seahawks not getting any respect because nobody else in the country watches them! I'm tired of the whole "you're too geographically isolated you're not this you're not that blah blah blah" BS!

Especially with those dudes at ESPN and their godforsaken power rankings! Why, just look at today's preseason rankings, which has the Seahawks at a pathetic, totally underestimated, completely unjust ranking of...


No. 1: Seahawks
With Shaun Alexander and Matt Hasselbeck, people seem to overlook that the Seahawks were pretty good on defense last season (No. 7 in points allowed). If Julian Peterson can stay healthy, they'll be even better this year.


Say, doesn't ESPN use the best fonts in the business?