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"Rock and Roll Part 2" 86'ed

    Winner of the 1999 "Wrath of Khan Look-Alike Contest"

The National Football League announced earlier this week that "Rock & Roll Part 2" by Gary Glitter will no longer be played at NFL stadiums.

This is the song that everyone in the crowd chants "Hey!" to. You know, the one that kinda goes -- "duh, duh-daaaaaaaaa, da! HEY! Duh, duh-duh..." It was on that "Hank" Starbucks commercial last year? You remember? That really tedious, repetitive and boring chant? Yeah, that one!

Well, anyway, you can't sing it at NFL stadiums anymore because Gary Glitter's a child molester. Not to mention a child pornographer in a past life, but the NFL didn't seem to have problems with that.

Apparently the Kansas City Chiefs aren't responding to the ban, having recently stoked their crowds with "R&R2," on the defense that fans respond to the song, not the singer. That's true. Whenever I heard "Rock 'n' Roll Part 2" I definitely responded. By wishing I could pull the plug on the PA system. I can't stand that frickin' song.

"We Will Rock You," now there's your stadium anthem. And we can feel fairly safe that Freddie Mercury's not going to have many legal problems in the future.