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Ex-Seahawk News: Koren Robinson to GB, Jurevicius Out 4-6 Weeks

But never mind the future, let's talk about the past! There's significant news about two former Seahawk receivers.

The Green Bay Packers, who were shut out for the first time in the Favre era by the Bears on Sunday, took a gamble and signed Koren Robinson on Monday.

Robinson was cut by the Vikings last month, due to an incident involving the eternal battle between good and evil in his right foot. Rather inconveniently, this fight took place on the accelerator pedal of the BMW Robinson was driving. In addition, Robinson had been drinking, which certain legal advisers of his have strongly implored him to stop doing.

The report is headlined "Packers sign troubled WR Koren Robinson." Maybe I'm old-school, but I've got to think a player doesn't want to be identified as "troubled." I would personally draw the line at "pestered." Possibly even "bugged."

Meanwhile, Joe Jurevicius of the Browns was injured on a pass play in Cleveland's Sunday loss to New Orleans. He's expected to miss 4 to 6 weeks, with an initial diagnosis of broken ribs. I have no desire to be catty about Jurevicius. Amusingly, though, AOL Sports' Cleveland Browns Fanhouse has no problem with that.