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J.P. Darche Out for Season; Hawks Sign Derek Rackley as Long Snapper; French Jokes Not Yet Funny

Ah, la calamit?!

    "No, my sparrow... weep not for me... C'est trop aimer quand on en meurt."

The Seahawks' longtime long-snap specialist, Jean-Philippe "J.P." Darche, is out for the season. Darche, my favorite French-Canadian Seahawk ever, has been diagnosed with "lingering muscle weakness" and will have hip surgery to correct the problems. Apparently Darche gamely endured Game 1 while in considerable discomfort.

The Seahawks took quick action to sign Derek Rackley, formerly with the Falcons, to replace Darche in special teams. Atlanta cut Rackley in August because of salary cap considerations.

Darche, who was voted in as a special teams captain last week, has been with the team since 2000. So despite our taking advantage of this unfortunate situation to crack jokes about French culture, this is a rather significant loss for special teams.

Ooo, that reminds me: Tonight on the Field Gulls Beret Network, we'll be showing the rarely seen 1962 art-house film La Tristesse Du Tireur de Porc (The Sadness of the Pig Shooter) and having the usual Edith Piaf singalong. And don't miss our special episode of Le Food, live from the Euro-Nathan's Coq Au Vin Eating Contest.