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Patriots Want Branch to Pay Back Support

According to ESPN, the New England Patriots have filed a grievance against Deion Branch. I don't know if you're heard yet, but Branch is a Seahawk now. We've been kind of downplaying the news.

Here, for the record, are the Patriots' complaints:

Under terms of the collective bargaining agreement, the Patriots could fine Branch slightly in excess of $11,000 for skipping a mandatory, three-day minicamp in July, because he was under contract. Branch was also subject to daily fines of $14,000 for his training camp absence, sanctions which totaled $518,000. The Patriots are seeking payment of all those fines. The team also wants repayment of $200,000, or one-fifth of the $1 million signing bonus Branch received on his original contract as a second-round choice in 2002. The total fines would be about $730,000.

It's business. Don't sweat it, Deion. I'll cut them a check from my personal account next week.