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Drive-In Saturday Updates

Here are some quick notes re: The Team.

  • Deion Branch's availability is still, at this point, a game-time decision for Coach Holmgren. If he's used, I would expect it would be sparingly.
  • Leroy Hill is expected to return.
  • As of a couple of days ago, there were some new seats available for the game, if you're inclined.
  • Backtracking to last week's game, Lions LB Ernie Sims has been fined $7,550 by the NFL for his illegal hit on Matt Hasselbeck last week.
  • Yes, that's the second time I've titled a post after a track from David Bowie's Aladdin Sane album in less than a week.
Might check in with new items later today, but if not... look for the open game thread tonight or tomorrow mornin', and tell your friends and most tolerable enemies.