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Womack Out, Spencer In at Left Guard -- Mili's Injury Not as Serious As First Thought

    Why is Chris Spencer smiling (in front of a Photoshopped Qwest Field)?

This just in, and stop me if you've heard this one before: Floyd "Porkchop" Womack is

Okay, okay, I take that back, don't stop me. Let me finish. Thanks.

Anyway. Womack. Out with a knee injury. Primary timetable estimates say it could be six weeks. All reasonable expectations indicate Chris Spencer will inherit the job. Excuse me, I have to cough... ah, ah.... COUGHblessingindisguiseCOUGH!

Some thoughts from helpful outside commentators:

  • Sando: "The reality is that the job now becomes Spencer's to lose. We all remember Sean Locklear using a Womack injury to become the long-term starter at right tackle. Spencer is a first-round talent. He has looked good when he has played. This is his chance to take hold of the job."
  • Bluefoot at AOL Fanhouse: "In their third touchdown drive of the game, Womack came off the field with another "owie, stingie." Quickly, 2004 1st round choice Chris Spencer came in and took over. And took over, he did... after Spencer entered the game, he nailed several key blocks than enabled the Seahawks to move down the field in dominant, ball control fashion... From what I could see on the home screen however, the decision will be made. Hence, I predict that in (Monday's) press conference, Chis Spencer will be named the starting LG. I also predict he will do very well."
  • "Womack was Steve Hutchinson?s heir apparent, but Spencer is more mobile off the snap. His addition could help a Seattle rushing attack that has averaged only 118.5 yards per game ? tied for 11th in the league."
  • Floyd Womack: "It's just bad luck. Usually when the season starts, I'll be OK." (On Sept. 9.)
        This entire story was an excuse to ask you to go buy Bobby Womack records.

  • Bobby Womack: "Across 110th Street -- pimps trying to catch a woman that's weak. Across 110th Street -- pushers won't let the junkie go free." (In 1972.)
As a matter of fact, yes, I've been waiting to drop a Bobby Womack line since preseason.

Onto Itula Mili: The injury is "not as serious as initially feared," (Greg Bell of the P-I), but we know nothing about how long Mili will be out. Holmgren's looking at outside tight ends at the moment.

You can pencil in Will Heller at the position on Sunday.

We will report everything to you shortly after everybody else reports it, but not so long that you'd notice.