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Quick Notes Before I Get a Life This Weekend

  • Kyle Rota of reports the Seahawks and the Patriots are still in talks about Deion Branch, even after the 4pm/1pm deadline passed on Friday. (To be more exact, Rota reports that The Boston Herald reports that.) While he's at it, Rota breaks down Branch as a player. When this story ramps up from wispy pipe dream to hot stove rumor, maybe I'll pick up the thread again. Or if I just get bored or something.
  • Sando reports that the Seahawks tried out veteran safety Brent Alexander, 35, as a potential replacement for Mike Green, who's out for the year.

    Brent Alexander was either released from the Giants this summer, or retired, depending on which Gotham media source you happen to be glued to at the moment. Sando notes he also has the fourth-longest current streak of 16-game seasons amongst non-kickers.

This is Labor Day weekend in Seattle. Well -- I guess it's Labor Day weekend everywhere in America, but particularly Seattle, because that means it's also time for the 3-day Bumbershoot Music and Arts Festival. This festival features a lot of big time musicians, comedians, writers, artisans, and the most powerful elephant-ear vendors in the world. (Also, this year it features women's roller-derby, the one sport the Key Arena is equipped to handle.)

Bottom line being, I'm not going to be doing much writing here over the next three days. Maybe once a day, and definitely the night after cuts get announced, but not between the hours of 11am and 11pm. No touching human interest stories about Gary Glitter, in other words. Feel free to discuss stuff among yourselves in the diaries; perhaps we can take them up on the Big Page when I get back.

(If by any chance you're going to Bumbershoot, I know we're definitely going to see these shows: Kanye West, Blondie, the Gossip, Of Montreal, Badly Drawn Boy, the English Beat and Greil Marcus. Probably the New Pornographers and Spoon as well. We're also thinking of going to Steve Miller just for the Irony Of It All. I will not be wearing any distinguishing clothing.)

Have a good holiday, and we'll return to our compulsive reporting tendencies first thing Tuesday morn.