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Tuesday General Omnibus Stuff

I had a deadline for a magazine with glossy paper last night, and it finally got done. 1600+ words of first-class bloviating about Bob Dylan. I'm a little worried I got too "instructional" about it. You know, where I stick a pipe in my mouth and put on a turtleneck sweater and use words like "incongruous" and "seminal." Eesh. I can never look at myself in the mirror after I get like that.

I'm glad to get back to football. Unfortunately it's Tuesday and nothing happens. But we found some possible discussion items anyhoo:

  • has a nice sidebar feature on Walter Jones' hometown of Aliceville, AL. I believe that town's come up before on Field Gulls. Can't remember the context. Great picture of Walt.
  • Sando reports the Seahawks moved center/guard Thatcher Szalay to their practice squad, and released CB Gerard Ross. Sorry, Gerard's mom.

    We've been researching this all evening, but so far can't find any evidence that "Thatcher Szalay" was a James Bond villain. We were so close.

  • Sando also notes: "The (Seahawks') starting offensive line's average weight fell from 311 to 306 with Chris Spencer replacing Floyd Womack."
        "You can't win, Szalay. It's over. Drop your laser pointer."

    I don't know much about math, but I figure if one guy leaving alters the average weight of five (or six) guys by one pound per man... well, his name ain't "Melba Toast" Womack, friends.
  • ESPN's Power Rankings still love the Seahawks, ranking them second behind the Colts. Remind me to send ESPN a card. One of those Hallmark deals, with the jokes and stuff? Those are riots.

    (The Seahawks are #1 in my heart, you all know that... but right now, after the first two games, I could not justify putting them ahead of the Bears. Good thing these power rankings are worthless! Whew!)

  • Side stuff: The Atlanta Falcons' new placekicker is none other than Morten Andersen. The 72-year-old veteran, who has not played in the NFL since the Korean War, replaces the spotty Michael Koenen.
  • No word on how the auditions for American Idol: Seahawks' Backup Tight End went this afternoon. I know there's a Simon Cowell-type comment I should be making after that, but I'm too fried to do it. You go on ahead of me.