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Can You Hear Me Now? Good! Seahawks Trample Giants

A Qwest Field record crowd of one million screaming fans watched the Seattle Seahawks roll over the New York Giants on Sunday, 42-30. Trust me, it wasn't that close. It might have seemed that way on FOX, but it wasn't. Trust me.

A full narrative recap will follow later tonight. Until then, some teasers:

  • Matt Hasselbeck threw five touchdown passes.
  • The Seahawks were up 42-3 at the beginning of the fourth quarter.
  • Will Heller caught a freakin' touchdown pass. Will Heller.
  • Darrell Jackson caught two.
  • Matt Hasselbeck was not sacked.
  • Ken Hamlin had two interceptions in the 1st quarter.
  • Shaun... eh, not so much.
More later. Screaming kid over here. 'Til then... this was a very, very convincing win. Never mind the fourth quarter.