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Alexander Out Indefinitely With a Cracked Foot

    I don't wanna hear it. La-la-la-la-la, I'm not listening. La.
As philopip noted in his diary, Shaun Alexander is out indefinitely with a "non-displaced fracture of the foot."

Holmgren says Alexander could miss one month, which would include the Week 5 bye week. I should stress this is an extremely preliminary estimate and urge you to wait until we hear something definitive.

This sucks, sucks, sucks again, sucks some more, and then continues to suck after that initial round of multiple suckings. Then it stops sucking for a brief split-second, but then it comes back and sucks more than it did the first time.

However, it should be noted the Seahawks have run to a 3-0 record with obviously decreased output from the 2005 MVP.

Also, being a "non-displaced" fracture indicates that it may not be a terribly difficult mend.

More on this situation as it continues to suck.

Brought to you by Dirt Devil.

Update [2006-9-25 19:0:8 by Shrug]: Coach Holmgren, speaking more precisely in the recently updated ESPN article above: "I don't think it will be lengthy... He just has to stay off of it and let it heal... We're looking at a few weeks, let's put it that way. The good thing is, it's just a small, little crack -- if you want to talk about a good thing."