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Once More With Feeling: Alexander Will Not Play On Sunday

As Manteo broke in the diaries, Shaun Alexander has proclaimed that the power of prayer is accelerating his recovery from his foot injury.

I don't know how you personally feel about things like this, but the Seahawks apparently feel there's some validity to his claim: Alexander is now listed as "doubtful" rather than "out".

There are, however, some new injury problems. Marcus Tubbs is out. Babineaux, Gray and Locklear are questionable. Tafoya is doubtful. Factor in that the fringe players could potentially be part of an injury-report strategy at work.

Update [2006-9-27 19:59:0 by Shrug]: Alexander is absolutely, 100% not playing on Sunday:

"Unless it's the Super Bowl, I don't think that Mike (Holmgren) would even let me think about playing... A lot of swelling is gone, a lot of blood from the bone (is gone), but there is still a crack."

By the way, we also have a more specific location for the fracture. It's in the 4th metatarsal, which connects to the phalange of the toe right next to the pinky. I feel Howie Mandel should be making this announcement for some strange reason.