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Warrick is Shocked... Shocked!

Tom Balog of the Sarasota Herald-Tribune reports WR Peter Warrick's side of the story about his semi-surprising release from the Seahawks:

Warrick, 29, expects his critics on the streets in Bradenton to talk him down now, again, for not becoming a star in the NFL as he was at Florida State and Southeast.

"A lot of people say 'He didn't do this, he didn't ball out like he did in college.'" said Warrick, who has been in the league for six seasons. "People can say whatever they want. I'm still here. That means I'm doing something right. The best is yet to come, man, that's how it is."...

He reportedly dropped a lot of passes in camp. He also appeared casual after dropping a pass in the Seahawks' exhibition game against the Chargers in San Diego...

"They kept telling me, 'We just want to take a look at some other guys.' I said, 'Come on, y'all have never seen me play. Call some plays for 'P-Dub'... But I never caught a pass from the starting quarterback (Matt Hasselback). How are you supposed to make the squad if you don't catch a pass from the starting quarterback?

Not to knock Peter, but if I were running things I would have demoted him simply for referring to himself as "P-Dub." You realize Jennifer Lopez started this initial-first-syllable crap, don't you?