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Practice Squad Announced

It's late. I'm exhausted. Let's keep this quick so you can attend to your Labor Day barbecues. reports the Seahawks announced their practice squad Sunday:

RB Marquis Weeks
FB David Kirtman
WR Ben Obomanu
TE Leonard Stephens
C Pat Ross
DE Robert Pollard
LB Lance Laury
CB Gerard Ross
Note the absence of a quarterback (i.e. Travis Lulay), and the retaining of tight end Stephens -- just in case?

In Bumbershoot news, The New Pornographers were good, Spoon was great, Kanye West was inspirational although his vocals were mixed too low, but I was most impressed with Seattle hip-hop group the Blue Scholars. West's backup singers did the second cover of Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy" that I'd heard in two days. The other was by Of Montreal. You think the Steve Miller Band'll do it tomorrow?