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The Latest Contestant on "Who Wants To Be a Seattle Wide Receiver?" -- Darius Watts

Sando reports WR Darius Watts is scheduled to visit the Seahawks this week, after visiting the Chicago Bears on Monday.


The prospects are intriguing. Watts was cut from the Denver Broncos last weekend, a move some considered the weeist bit of a head-shaker. Many believed the 2nd-round '04 pick would take the place of the spectacularly disgruntled Ashley Lelie.

ESPN's scouting report displays little downside, stating that Watts has a "history of being nicked up." But it also praises his athleticism, playmaking abilities, and elusiveness. Denver coach Mike Shanahan expressed confidence in his potential as well, and marveled at the 2-year veteran's rapid maturation.

My, but this has been an entertaining circus, ain't it?