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Your 2006 Seahawks Team Captains

As voted on by the players, they are: Matt Hasselbeck & Walter Jones (offense); Lofa Tatupu & Ken Hamlin (defense); and J.P. Darche & Isaiah Kacyvenski (special teams).

I don't know how important being a captain is, or whether it's largely ceremonial. But if there's symbolism anywhere to be found in these nominations, it's in the defense. This is big acclaim for Lofa's ramped-up leadership that has been apparent during the preseason, and a great indicator of how complete Hamlin's recovery has really been.

I still believe we should be addressing Mr. Darche by his full first name, Jean-Philippe. Hyphen included. Aw yeah, we be gettin' raw with the Quebecois. Montreal in the hizzouse! Eh?