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You Can't Have a Post-Mortem If You're Not Dead.

Common sense dictates that this would be a good time to recap the Seahawks' season, but I think the last big post I made below (the motivational speaker one) says most anything I'm likely to say.

The Seahawks did not make the improbable happen this afternoon, but they did almost everything possible. We can, and probably will, talk about certain turning points that could have put Seattle in a position to win this, but didn't come through. That's our job. It's sort of imperative that we, as an information source, try to do that at some point. Right now I don't wanna.

My most minimal wish for the outcome of this game that, regardless of result, I thought was possible to be granted, was that the Seahawks played the game like they belonged to be at this point in the postseason. That over the course of this game, nobody could say the Seahawks didn't deserve to be playing for a berth in the championship game. That I could walk down the street wearing my Seahawks gear and not feel ashamed.

I'm planning on doing that the next time I go outside. I'm leaning towards the sweatshirt. I may go with the hat.

The big wish -- a win -- wasn't granted, but it came real, real close to becoming reality. The little wish, that the Seahawks prove their mettle and be seen as fully deserving to be here? Absolutely, and maybe even a little more than that.

We have all off-season to specualte, assess our needs, hope we get them filled, and figure out how to get back to the Super Bowl. This game could have broken our spirit to do so. I think it did the opposite. I hope so, anyway.

There will be a new NFC champion this season. But as it turned out, the "football gods" (I hate that phrase) had to wrestle that trophy from our hands. They did not walk away with it. We did not just give it up.

And for that reason, I am, curiously, not depressed right now. Sad? Yeah. Despondent? Not even close.

Just read the below post again when you're done with whatever mourning you deem appropriate.

And don't go away during the off-season. We're still gonna be here. We got plans.

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