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Filed under: Hasselbeck May Have Played With Torn Labrum For 3 Years?

It's now been revealed that Matt Hasselbeck more than likely played most of this season in more pain than we were led to believe.

Although MRI results have not yet been made entirely available, Hasselbeck said he suspects he suffered a torn labrum in his left (non-throwing) shoulder in the Seahawks' '06 home opener against the Cards.

If this turns out to be the case, Matt will most likely go under the knife to get it repaired, which will involve a 6-month rehabilitation schedule. There's the potential he could miss training camp, and the near certainty that he will miss spring mini-camps, which is regrettable only in that he was hoping to work on some drills with Deion Branch and Nate Burleson.

More on this as it unfolds. Hey, great way to start the off-season!

Update [2007-1-18 13:27:19 by Shrug]: According to Sando, Hasselbeck's surgery is imminent. He also states that Hasselbeck has been playing with this torn labrum for three years -- roughly, since the "We're Gonna Score!" playoff game at Green Bay in 2004. Ouch?