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Super Bowl XLI: Colts Vs. Bears

NFL Conference Championship Games
Sunday, January 21
12 noon PT
New Orleans Saints  14
Chicago Bears  39
3:30pm PT
New England Patriots  34
Indianapolis Colts  38

If by chance you're not too bummed out for what should be two very good conference championship games, please feel free to come by here and participate in our open thread Sunday afternoon.

If you're even more inclined to join society, you can hit the respective blogs of the teams playing in the championships by clicking on their green text above. We have no Saints blog.

I'll be in and out.

Update [2007-1-21 18:24:54 by Shrug]: The Chicago Bears have won the NFC crown, 39-14, by pulverizing the Saints in the 4th quarter. New England and Indy kick off in minutes.

Update [2007-1-21 22:23:8 by Shrug]: As promised, the AFC Championship game was crazy delicious. The Indianapolis Colts staged the largest comeback in conference championship history, beating the New England Patriots 38-34 on a last-minute TD run by Joseph Addai.

Super Bowl XLI, Indianapolis vs. Chicago, happens two weeks from today.