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Itula Mili Waived

Scruffy broke the news here: Veteran tight end Itula Mili was waived this afternoon, in order to make room for rookie wide receiver Ben Obomanu in time for tomorrow's game.

Mili's season was prohibitively over, and Farnsworth raises the possibility that the 10-year Seahawk vet is leaning towards retirement after his concussion a few weeks ago.

As Scruffy points out, Sando has raised the possibility that D.J. Hackett and Darrell Jackson will not play tomorrow. I still maintain, as I told the 'Boys blog, that both are strong candidates for a last minute faith-healing just in time for kickoff. We'll see.

Since I'm here and nobody's looking, here are this weekend's picks. One upset.

Eagles over Giants
Colts over Chiefs
Jets over Patriots (this would be the upset)
Seahawks over Cowboys