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Demanding Moore from Our Front Office

The Vikings are reportedly shopping Mewelde Moore. Moore, 25, is buried on the Vikings depth chart. Minnesota is 1-3 (but with a +8 point differential) and looking towards next year, where a good draft, including a franchise quarterback, could quickly return this team, that is talented on both lines, to respectability in 2008 and contention soon thereafter. Reports are that they are seeking a third round pick for Moore and Moore's only known suitor, Tampa Bay, is offering no more than a sixth round pick. Both the Vikings and the Bucs have every reason to compromise. The Vikings are receiving zero value from Moore as-is, while Tampa Bay is now down to only their former fullback, Ernest Graham, to shoulder the rushing attack of a playoff bound squad. The NFL trade deadline is October 16th.

I've long been a fan of Moore. He's a great receiver and a productive rusher, compactly built and though never so entrusted in the NFL, set school records for touches at Tulane. If Seattle traded for him and split carries between Moore and Maurice Morris, Seattle's rushing attack would be improved. Greatly. Morris is a one cut rusher that gets productive yards but lacks big play or receiving ability. Moore is a scat back type, with great second level speed and excellent hands and yards after catch ability. The two, with Morris only 27, could give Seattle a very effective and very cheap running back committee for the next two years. Cheap is important because Seattle has bank tied up in Shaun Alexander. That would also free up our draft for any number of other needed positions: offensive tackle, cornerback, quarterback, pass rushing tackle, defensive end, safety, get the drift. In this wondrous world of pragmatic-only GMing, even Alexander would have a place: In the red zone. I honestly think that if Alexander could surpass ten rushing touchdowns this season he would be satisfied in a third string role...

Yeah right. And here's the rub, Seattle already has and has had the players they needed to do exactly what I'm talking about. Alvin Pearman is not as good as Moore, but style and skill wise, he's Moore's doppelganger. Pearman got one touch before being placed on IR. Morris is being promised more touches this week, a near self-fulfilling prophecy against a Saints team Seattle should blow out. I'll plotz if he rushes the ball more than five times in the first half. No, there really isn't a good reason for Tim Ruskell to trade for Moore, despite all the very good reasons to do just that, because Moore won't play. That's really a shame, because Moore is even a Ruskell guy. A hard worker, he earned a double major at Tulane. A community guy, he received the Community Service Award for Business Ethics his senior season. He's even a bit of a brain, a member of the National Honor Society and a Mathematics Merit Award Winner. Academics is one of the reasons he picked Tulane over more prominent football schools like LSU and Southern Mississippi.

Moore has never been seriously injured. When I started writing this my attitude was resigned, as I'm typing this sentence my attitude is blossoming into full on pissed. Moore makes so much sense for so many reasons. He improves Seattle in 2007 and beyond. Even if Seattle served up a third round pick, it could be justified given that Seattle must look to draft a running back next year anyway. I've done my best to stay above all the hand wringing that's been done about Shaun Alexander. To me, his play has been predictable. All the sentimentality, loyalty and contrarily character assassination and doomsaying that's punctuated both ends of the Alexander argument is little more than foofaraw. He's just not a very good running back anymore. Any and really all reasonable forecasts predicted that long before even the preseason. What's noteworthy, though, is just how bad he has so quickly become. His name, his contract and his impact on the Hawks' gift shop should not be held above the Hawks chances of title contention, but they will be. All I can think, however futile, is to spread the word, make some noise. We demand more than a broken down once good running back, we demand more than a one dimensional offense, we demand more than complacency in light of a crumbling contender, we demand more than a first round exit and another offseason watching our stars grow old, our window close.

Seahawks Fans Demand Moore.

Production Trends by the Numbers
Player 2007 Rushing DVOA 2007 Receiving DVOA 2006 Rushing DV0A 2006 Receiving DVOA 2005 Rushing DVOA 2005 Receiving DVOA
Shaun Alexander -10.9% -50.6% -13.5% -81.8% 22.3% -19.7%
Maurice Morris -3.5% N/A -11.2% -52.8% 10.7% N/A
Mewelde Moore 116.6% -5.0% 33.4% 7.0% 1.9% 25.6%