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Behind Enemy Lines: Seahawks/Saints, Pt. 1/2

Sunil Joshi from fellow Sports Nation blog Canal Street Chronicles talked with Seahawks superfan, Football Outsiders staffer and editor (he's busy) Doug Farrar in's weekly Behind Enemy Lines column. In part one Joshi answers Saints related questions asked by Farrar, and part two visa versa.

Asked what's wrong with Drew Brees, Joshi answered in part:

But Brees was well-protected against Carolina and he still had happy feet. His first interception, the one by Richard Marshall, looked like a throw that just didn't have enough oomph. The most disconcerting part of Brees' season is his inability to make accurate throws on deep routes. Last year, Brees was phenomenally accurate with his deep passes. This year, he's phenomenally inaccurate. Of course, this leads armchair executives, myself included, to question whether his shoulder is healthy.