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Three Low-Work Musings on a Sick Day

Bill Barnwell computed the various end of the season wins and playoff odds of teams over the last 20+ years with various records throughout the season. If Seattle wins tomorrow they project to 9.4 wins, lose 8.1. How important is that to the playoff odds? Pretty dang, a 4-2 team has a 62.7% chance of making the playoffs, a 3-3 team only 38%. A must win in early October? Well no, especially not with Seattle's remaining schedule, but don't underestimate how important it is that Seattle beat the Saints this Sunday.

With Drew Brees playing chuck and duck with his wide receivers, I'm really surprised that no one has mentioned our safeties. Three of Brees' nine interceptions have been at the hands of a safety, five more by linebackers. Hope everyone practiced their tip drills this week.

Do I fear the Saints, yeah, a little bit. Not because they're 0-4 and have something to prove. Not particularly because of Reggie Bush, though I think every Seahawks fan has envisioned him going off for a couple scores, but because I don't think they're this bad. The defense, sure, that's not too surprising, but the offense is due for a rebound. Jammal Brown suffered a knee injury, later diagnosed as a bone bruise, about nine weeks ago. If he were disguising a worse injury you might expect his play to deteriorate, but last week Brees was given a good pocket and didn't suffer a sack. If Brown is instead healing, his play would improve as the season progressed. Brown, at his best, is one of the top left tackles in football. You don't want Sunday to be a get healthy game for the big guy.