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Week 6 DVOA

Seattle falls squarely into the middle, 14th at overall DVOA, 15th offense, 15th defense and 10th on special teams. Take note, Seattle has the fifth highest variance in the NFL. That means within this mediocre Hawks squad, a very good or very bad team may emerge.

Here are the notables.

Matt Hasselbeck: 31.4 DPAR, 20.5% DVOA

Shaun Alexander: -0.1 DPAR, -13.3% DVOA; Receiving -3.5 DPAR, -51.6% DVOA

Leonard Weaver: 1.0 DPAR, 6.3% DVOA; 2.9 DPAR, 33.8% DVOA

Maurice Morris: 0.3 DPAR, 4.4% DVOA

First Down Machine: 14.1 DPAR (4th in the league), 38.7% DVOA

Deion Branch: 8.9 DPAR, 22.7% DVOA

Route Quitting Machine: -2.0 DPAR, -23.0% DVOA

Ben 35% Reception Percentage: 0.1 DPAR, -15.0% DVOA

Time Machine: 4.6 DPAR, 31.9% DVOA

The only category Seattle is not mediocre or near mediocre in is kicking the ball, in which they are very good, and running the football, in which they have a -19.4% DVOA and are now 29th in football. It's limited carries, but when you compare Alexander to his teammates statistically and factor in the clear visual evidence, there is no longer any ambiguity about who is the Hawks' weakest link.