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Quick Cap: Seattle 33, Saint Louis 6

The D shows up and gives everyone reason to be excited again about Seahawks football. This was a pure, defensive blowout from beginning to end. Had Seattle been better able to sustain drives on offense, this could have become a true laugher instead of simply a pass rush firestorm against a ruined offense. Let's get right to handing out kudos.

Julian Peterson is one of the true underappreciated defensive playmakers in the NFL. Peterson is a three skill linebacker, with elite level athleticism and versatility. He's also a fierce tackler. Peterson is just 29 and keeps himself in phenomenal shape. It would not be at all surprising to see him defy the age curve. Just a great free agent signing.

Darryl Tapp had a big breakout game and don't think Brandon Mebane didn't contribute. Mebane, unlike Darby, forces double teams. This keeps the guard off the explosive, athletic and ferocious but somewhat undersized Tapp. Watch for Tapp's contributions to elevate while Mebane slowly slides off the stat pages. That means both are doing their job.

Marcus Trufant and Kelly Jennings are young, capable cover corners. Tru is developing play-making instincts to pair with his Gorilla Glue hip lock he's long employed against opposing receivers. His interception was graceful and focused. A highlight reel play not of luck or circumstance, but of talent and determination.

This passing offense won't soar again until it's healthy. The pass blocking is good, so though teams might attempt to sit in coverage, Seattle should still be able to produce when Deion Branch and D.J. Hackett return. Those two are zone busters and will punish coordinators who get too cute. Seattle lucked out against some crappy secondaries, but Beck is playing well, the blocking is holding up and return Bobbie Engram to the slot and you have a WR corps to reckon with.

Shaun Alexander must be phased out, but won't be. He's left a big giant sink hole in the rush offense. 9 of his 19 carries went for 2 or fewer yards. The frustrating part is Maurice Morris's play demands more carries. He ran for 3 of Seattle's 5 rushing first downs. Though not great, he's also clearly better receiving than Alexander.  He's faster and for the first time in their partnership better able to break long gains. He's also for the first time categorically the better overall back. If the NFL were a true meritocracy as it so pretends to be, Morris would be getting the majority of the carries. That won't happen though, but realize this, when you watch Alexander get stuffed again and again, he is the weakest link in the rushing attack, he is the weakest link offensively and he is holding this team back--but it's not his fault. He's an NFL player and a former fringe superstar. It's not his job to know that he's done. Very few NFL players ever know when they're best days are behind them. You cannot blame Alexander for accepting carries, only Mike Holmgren for guaranteeing him them.

Game Ball: Darryl Tapp and Marcus Trufant, both played about as well as you can possible play at their respective positions. Get aboard the resign Tru train before seating is only available on the roof.