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Catching Signals that Sound in the Dark: Midnight Snack: Minimatchups to Watch For

The Invisible Man: If Kelly Jennings is doing his job, don't watch for him. When he's on, he can keep that camera panning right all damn game.
Two Weeks of Kerney Love: Patrick Kerney's had an alright first 6, he's not earning his contract, but given his age and the 19.5 million guaranteed (I hate that word), that was never a realistic prospect. Still, a healthy Jowler is an asset on a win-now team. Seattle has faced some tough right tackles and strength of opponent is an important thing to consider when evaluating a players' performance. Milford Brown is neither "tough" nor a "right tackle". He's a guard by trade. Brown is big without tools. Sort of a journeyman Floyd Womack. He succeeds by being hard to move. He succeeds because men his size are statistically improbable. This isn't a skills mismatch, but it is an ability mismatch. Predicting sacks is dicey, but I expect Kerney to get some good, consistent edge pressure.

Rob Sims V. Adam Carriker in Pass Pro: Car isn't likely to get a sack against Sims, but if Sims is consistently getting pushed back don't be surprised if the Rams attempt to exploit the exposed "A" gap with a free safety blitz. Chavous is an emphatic "Meh". He's not bad really, but at 30 he's not playing on the next championship club, y'know?

Wedge: The Rams DB heavy kicking team allows a lot of consistent big gains by the opponents' kick return unit. The Seahawks wedge should create a couple real nice seams for Nate Burleson and/or Josh Wilson to run through.