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Week 7 DVOA

Seattle improves slightly, now ranked 10th overall and 4th in the NFC. The Hawks' special teams continues to excel, ranked number one overall. Hmmm...I remember reading some detractors in the preseason, but I was pretty certain our special teams unit would be among the league's best. Disregard my remarks on Tapp, who has more than earned a starting spot. Seattle has a chance to improve markedly returning from the bye, with Hackett and Branch returning and hopefully more touches for Morris and Weaver. Did I tell you this team's a contender? Did I sell ya wrong?

Anyway, on to the notables:

Matt Hasselbeck: 16.6% DVOA (16th), 32.2 DPAR (9)

Shaun Alexander: -0.8 DPAR (43), -14.5% DVOA (41); Receiving -2.3 DPAR, -35.0% DVOA

Leonard Weaver: 1.0 DPAR, 2.7% DVOA; 5.7 DPAR, 63.4% DVOA (1)

Maurice Morris: 0.4 DPAR, -10.0% DVOA; 1.9 DPAR, 77.5% DVOA

Bobby Engram: 14.4 DPAR (14), 27.4% DVOA (12)

Deion Branch: 8.8 DPAR (27), 22.3% DVOA (18)

Nate Burleson: -4.6 DPAR (70), -30.9% DVOA (67)

Ben OhNoIdroppedIt: -1.8 DPAR, -29.6 DVOA, 30% reception percentage.

Time Machine didn't play, but he's 6th in DVOA.

The front seven gets big love shooting up to 7th overall defending the run, and 3rd rushing the passer.

Jennings and Tru are 12th and 6th respectively covering #2 and #1 receivers.